Beschreibung des Aufgabengebiets

Monthly bookkeeping, Preparation of annual Financial Statements, Payroll-run, email and telephonic communication with clients

Gewünschte Fähigkeiten

- Experience of bookkeeping (preferably DATEV but not mandatory)
- Microsoft, expecially Excel skill
- Team work-oriented mind
- reasonable Business étiqutte
- self descipline

Erforderliche Sprachkenntnisse

- Japanese (mother tongue or almost mother tongue)
- German (Business Level) or
- English (Business Level)


Am Wehrhahn Düsseldorf


NHS GmbH was founded in 2016 but under the rapid growth of our Business, we are looking for someone who has experience of bookkeeping and prepartion of financial Statements. We have a friendly working envirnment and many international Clients (not only Japanese and German but also British, French, American and so on.) Also we are the key member firm of an international Network of accounting firms so that there are plenty of opportunities ahead to work with foreign firms as well if you wish.


NHS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Zuständige(r) Bearbeiter(in)

Takeshi Saikachi/西海枝 健


+4921199339915 (JP/EN)


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